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Corporate Responsibility Report 2012

A Letter from Our President & Chief Executive Officer

President & CEO Bill Lovette To our Customers, Consumers, Shareholders and Team Members:

Since our founding in 1946, Pilgrim’s has worked hard to be a good corporate citizen and a responsible steward of the environment.

As one of the world’s largest chicken processors and one of America’s larger companies, Pilgrim’s is absolutely committed to making a difference in the communities where our customers and employees live and work. Whether by supporting food banks in the fight against hunger, assisting local schools and youth programs, or raising funds for disaster relief and cancer research, we strive to take an active role in our communities.

This inaugural report focuses on our company’s sustainability and social responsibility efforts in more than a dozen areas, including animal welfare, business ethics, charitable giving, corporate governance, diversity, energy conservation, environmental stewardship, food safety, immigration and recycling.

Sustainability can be defined in many ways. For Pilgrim’s, it means that we conduct our business in a manner that supports the ability for future generations to enjoy a quality of life that is equal to or better than what we enjoy today. Every day, Pilgrim’s touches the lives of millions of people through the quality poultry products we produce, the manner in which we conduct our business and the value that we generate for our stakeholders. At the core of our sustainability program is an adherence to these three principles: that the projects we undertake and the processes we change are all designed to ensure the continued production of quality food products, to enhance the way we do business and to ultimately generate sustained value for our company and its stakeholders.

This document is not intended to be a comprehensive sustainability or corporate social responsibility report as it is technically understood – with extensive metrics against established international standards. Rather, we offer it as an honest assessment of our positions and performance in key areas of interest to our stakeholders. We consider it a foundation on which to build in the years ahead.

We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions at any time. You can contact us by calling 800.727.5366 or by visiting our web site at

We are proud of Pilgrim’s track record of sustainability and public responsibility, yet we recognize that we can – and must – do more. Our ultimate success as a company will be measured not only by our profitability, but also by our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.


William W. Lovette
President & CEO